At Ballymore, every
development begins with a
vision. Once realised these
spaces will transform our
expectation of what is possible
in a build environment, and set
new standards in placemaking,
construction, design and
urban planning.

PAN PENINSULA View of Pan Peninsula


From conception
to delivery

The expert team at Ballymore will direct every project from its
conception to final delivery. By overseeing each stage in the
development process, we can create authentic living spaces that
cultivate strong communities. In London, Dublin, Prague, Bratislava
and beyond, the company has capitalised on exciting redevelopment
opportunities, changing perceptions of often-overlooked city sectors.

Ballymore has a reputation for bringing new large-scale projects into
London in a way that responds to the local area. The result is stunning
developments that will be cherished by those who use them.

One Embassy Gardens One Embassy Gardens building
Couple at Old Spitalfields Market OLD SPITALFIELDS MARKET
Royal Wharf


Improve, enrich and
enhance people’s lives

In London, Ballymore has not only contributed to the consolidation
of Canary Wharf as a world-leading business centre, but it has also
redefined Spitalfields as a thriving retail and cultural hub. Now at
London City Island, we are creating a new neighbourhood with
culture at its heart. And with Embassy Gardens, we are constructing
the final piece in the Southbank regeneration story.

Dublin Landings Dublin Landings building
Sky view of New Providence Wharf complex New Providence Wharf
View of Baltimore Wharf Baltimore Wharf
Eurovea shopping mall and market Eurovea Shopping Mall

We remain 100% owned and managed by
Sean Mulryan and his family, who founded
the business, in Ireland, in 1980.

EcoWorld unique building complex


The EcoWorld Group builds
on its vision of Creating
Tomorrow & Beyond.

Fast becoming a recognised brand in the Malaysian property scene,
EcoWorld is bringing its visionary approach to the global market.